Disney Marathon Weekend 2020- expo

The Disney marathon expo is always quite exciting. I flew into Orlando early Wednesday morning. The first day of the expo I could see lots of friends and posts on social media with people already in line and doing live videos. Since I’m not a huge fan of long lines and id not plan on buying lots of merchandise I knew I’d go Wednesday but not in a hurry to get there quick. I planned to go with my friend Ray who was running the Dopey Challenge, I was running the Goofy Challenge.

We arrived around 1:00pm and I knew first things first I needed to eat. I was starving, on the edge of getting hangry and knew it would be smart to do the expo on a full belly. This is a good tip and will make much more enjoyable.

I had met at wine and dine weekend and I also ran the Christmas story run with. He’s pretty laid back and thankfully goes with the flow of what I want to do. We ate at the espn zone. Food was just ok, and I think pricy for quick service but we felt much better after. Past two times I’ve gone here the service wasn’t so great but choices are limited there.

After that we picked up Ray’s packet for Dopey Challenge which was in a different area than the other races. Dopey shirt pickup was located in same building which was convention. We then got mine for Goofy Challenge. For Goofy you picked up packet but had to go into another building for race shirts. We tried on race shirts and right away I knew the small I preordered wouldn’t fit. No clue why I ordered a small but exchanged for a medium. I tried those on and they were skin tight. So had to exchange for a large. I’ve always ordered mediums in the past. I do know Rundisney has changed the brand of shirts so I blamed this on the size change instead of all the cookies I had over the holidays. Be sure to try on before leaving.

We browsed some of the vendors but we planned to be on a budget this trip so really didn’t find anything that caught our eyes enough to spend some money and eventually headed to the official merchandise building. They had some great photo ops here as well as some character photos but we both agreed we didn’t want to wait in line for that.

I liked many of the items but didn’t love them. Again being on budget I didn’t want to get sucked into buying something because I was caught in the moment. I thought hard about the items I may be interested in. I really liked the race jacket but me and white fabric don’t go well together so I put it back. Ray and I did a good job of keeping the other on budget. Great teamwork. I ended up buying only one thing. A race magnet. This felt like such a success to me! I stuck to budget which makes me feel a little less guilty about doing the Star Wars Half in April. 8.00 total!!

So to others this expo may be a fail but a huge success for me. On the way out we made sure to stop for photos at the banners (a tradition) and headed out. I’m happy we went later and kept it stress free. Which was the ultimate goal for me.

By the time we got back to resort it was getting close to dinner time. We decided to eat at the quick service and planned to watch fireworks from the Top of the World Lounge. We invited some other friends, Tim, Stefan and Josh to join. It was great to see everyone and watch the beautiful fireworks from way up there.

Great way to end the night

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