Merry Christmas to Me!!

We have a small town outside of Buffalo NY called East Aurora. As a family, we like to visit East Aurora for it’s small town vibe, cute photo ops, little shops and usually for lunch at one of their restaurants a few times a year. This little town is so picturesque it’s even been used in Hallmark Christmas movies.

It’s tradition we take a pic in front of this fence when visiting

One of my favorite shops in East Aurora is Beulah’s General Store. It’s a cute little shop that sells all sorts of great unique items, from jewelry, socks, clothing, baby and household items. I always make sure I stop at this store when we visit. I also follow them on Instagram and saw them advertising a shirt I just HAD to have. It said “Living my Best Buffalo Life”. As someone so proud of my hometown I knew this would be a shirt I’d wear often.

I didn’t hear anything and was just enjoying the holidays, then on Christmas Eve I received a message I had won!!! 250.00 to use in this little shop I love so much. Merry Christmas to me!

I planned to go get the shirt when I noticed a contest. Used the hashtag #Livingmybestbuffalolife and you can win a $250 gift certificate for the shop. So I got the shirt and wore it for the Buffalo Turkey Trot and wore it to North Park theater when we saw “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

I just thought I’d share my excitement and urge you to enter those contests we often see online and as always support your local small businesses. AND if you’re ever in Buffalo take a few hours to visit East Aurora. And if you’re ever in East Aurora cost Beulah’s General Store

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