A Christmas Story Run 2019 Recap

Merry Christmas!!!

This is my fourth year doing the Christmas Story Run and this is still one of my favorite races. Each year we add a few more friends or family members to our party and it’s becoming such a fun holiday tradition.

We drove down to Cleveland from Buffalo. It’s about a 3 hour drive. We needed to take 2 cars this year. Included was my family of five, my mom, my cousin shannon and her daughter Ashley. We planned to meet other friends at our hotel once we got there. We all decided to go to lunch at the Winking Lizard which we all enjoyed.

Stephen who got there first picked up all of our race packets for all of us. This was super convenient and makes things easier for those of us traveling in for the weekend.

We had plans to hang at hotel and swim and enjoy the hot tub Friday night but that plan got changed when the hotel hot tub was broke. I could swim a bit but once cold I’m out.

The kids wanted to relax Friday in the hotel room, I decided to go with my mom, my friends Maria and Ray to downtown Cleveland to see the Christmas lights. They have an ice rink there and a great Christmas lights display. It was beautiful.

Saturday we woke up around 6:30 to get ready for the run. I was so excited all three of my sons were running this race. My husband decided to stand at finish to cheer those of us doing the 10k. I ran with Ray since we plan on doing the Disney Marathon and thought it would be smart to see if our speeds were compatible.

After meeting up with other friends from JoyfulMiles we got a group photo quick then headed to the start line. They had the movie playing on the big screen as well as a huge inflatable leg lamp from the movie. Christmas music was playing and it was such a fun holiday vibe. And soon we were off.

We slowly made our way over the bridge into the portion of Cleveland where the Christmas story house was located. This was the end point for the 5k. Those doing the 5k stopped here and could take busses back to the start. Since I was doing the 10k I kept going and made my back downtown. One of my favorite parts of the course is seeing the Cleveland sign with the beautiful view in the background. They had a great band playing Christmas music near there.

After that we ran back over the bridge and approached the finish line. We finally got our shiny bling with some great finish line photos.

With entry to this race you get free admission to the Christmas Story House (where the movie was filmed) and the museum. We went back to the hotel and showered and packed and went there later in the day. It can get quite crowded right after the race so if you are able to wait a bit I recommend doing that.

This is such a fun little getaway for the family and gets us all in the holiday spirit. I love my whole family can do this race. It can be competitive or casual. My mom who’s older walked it. So I’d def add this one to your race list.

Also if you’re interested in seeing my video recap you can find on YouTube at Joyfulmile Christmas Story Run https://youtu.be/RVqSlqVPjbk

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