Buffalo Turkey Trot 2019 race recap

I’m quite sure this is my 5th year running the Buffalo Turkey Trot. Funny how your forget how many times you do a certain race. This is a 5miler that starts in North Buffalo and ends at the Convention Center Dowtown. This is the 124th annual turkey trot, since 1896!!

I was on the fence about doing since it tires me out and sometimes leaves me exhausted for the rest of Thanksgiving but I caved based on it’s now a tradition.

Last year it was about 5 degrees and they traumatized me. Luckily it was 30’s this year “Heatwave”!! I planned to run with my cousin Shannon but sadly she had to back out due to my Uncle being sick and in the hospital. Race morning I asked my 16 year old son to do and he reluctantly agreed. He’s not a runner.

Joey and I got to race start area and met up with a group of friends. I met a local girl back in November at Disney’s Wine and Dine named Courtney. Courtney and I planned to meet up and say hello before the race but ended up running the whole race together. We had very similar race paces. My son Joey took off ahead of me.

This race is always fun as there is so many people I’m crazy fun costumes and lots of crowd support.

We got to the finish only to find my non runner son beat my time by about 10 minutes. I was very proud and hope he’ll do next year! Thank you Courtney for being such a great running mate

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